Day 5. Second day in San Antonio, TX. The Spurs basketball camp.

We had to get up at 7 am in the morning to be in time for the Spurs basketball camp for children, which began at 9 am. The camp went till 4 pm. We helped the Spurs coaches teach the children basketball skills. We even managed to see the starting player for the Spurs, Bryn Forbes. Also, we could take a picture with Nevil Shed. Do you remember the movie “Glory Road“? Nevil is one of those players from that movie. We also visited Joseph’s office of the company, which contributed to our trip. He fed us Mexican food and we had a great time. Tomorrow we will have the second day of the kids camp and new adventures!

5 day Nevil Shed.jpg
5 day player spurs.jpg
5 day Joseph 2.jpg
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5 day Spurs player.jpg
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