Day 11. Admirals Girls become 3rd in the Spurs Nationals.

In the morning, it was hard for everyone to get up after yesterday's games. Girls and boys had games at 9 am in different locations and ended up loosing. Later girls had another game for third place.

Before the game, we went to the Cornerstone church with the whole group. Everything was new to all of us. The chorus, the atmosphere that was in the church as people love and believe in God was a novelty for us. We saw a difference in relation to God in two cultures (American and Moldovan). After the service, we were invited into a room for those who are new to this church. There we were met very friendly.

After the service, Nick took us to try real American donuts (Krispy Kreme). You should have seen the faces of some guys when they tried donuts (it was funny). Quickly, we had our snacks and went to the girls' game for the third place.

Despite the fatigue, our girls really wanted to fight for the win. During the whole game the score was close. In the fourth quarter with about 20 seconds before the end of the game our girls scored two three pointers. We were up by 1 point with 5 seconds to go and the ball was ours as well. As we in-bounded the ball it got intercepted and a player from the opposite team went for a layup. We thought that we had lost the game but the ball jumped out of the rim. We won.

Thankfully to the girls and the coaches, we will add a unique trophy to our collection back home in Moldova. After the game we went home to change clothes. Everyone was happy and hungry. Dinner was sponsored by Jerald and Patti Reiner. After the tasty meal, we went to play pot pot golf. Prior to that, none of the guys ever played pot pot golf. It was an unforgettable time. Thank you Jerald Reiner for the dinner and for new experiences. This day has become one of the best.

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