Day 8. A whole day at the AT&T arena, home of the San Antonio Spurs

Today was a very busy day. At 9 am we started our participation in the three point contest. Everyone got excellent results and at 11 am we went to the arena of the San Antonio Spurs. We were delighted with how everything looked. We took part in the skill challenge like in the NBA. Our guys were very inspired by the atmosphere at the Arena. Special thanks to the organizers who did an excellent job organizing this great event. At 6 pm our girls went to have dinner with Clay and Julie Jett who graciously opened their house. At the dinner they met girls from the San Antonio area who were to join Admirals girls’ team in the Spurs Nationals tournament. Four of us got in the finals for three point contest and one got in the finals for the skills challenge. Unfortunately, we didn’t win any because we were somewhat nervous to compete on such a great arena. The day was really interesting for all of us!

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